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Until No Longer Effective

Until No Longer Effective is a 40-minute album of experimental music utilizing hundreds of human fart samples collected over two years. It combines disparate sound sources such as field recordings, acoustic instrumentation, various vocals techniques, electronic experimentation, sex, and Chopin.

This is a music video for the seventh track, I Love

The impulse to compose a fart album formed while reading John Cage at a ranch, surrounded by many natural sounds including farts. I understood that every sound is beautiful in that sounds are themselves. Every fart is a fingerprint, expressing a sovereign sonic individuality in addition to its creator’s, while still exhibiting a lack of possession by the creator. The act of farting is an act of non-possession. “Anything therefore is a delight (since we do not pos-sess it) and thus need not fear its loss.” – Cage 

The album can be considered a type of slow-change music based on the listener’s attitude and perception of the sounds. What results from continued exposure to something like a fart and how does accompanying noise influence the perception of it? If it is immediately grotesque or funny, how long does it take for different opinions to form? What does this say about humor? Can fart acclimation relate to societal or political acclimation?

This album can also mean whatever you want. Farting is everywhere and for everyone. 

Track 1 has been featured at MUSLAB (2015) and the Ars Electronica Forum Wallis Festival (2016). Tracks 1 and 2 were recently featured at the 2017 Sound Thought Festival.



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