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A Harmless Pictures Production

Director, Producer




Director of Photography

Additional Camera



Sound and Music

Christoffer Schunk

Danny Wood

Conor May

Kestrel Leah

Nathan Nonhof

James Pianka

Ahlam Khamis

Jeremy Kinser

Mats Ecklund

Kim Kyne

Diogo Segovia

Zach Davis

John Flicker

Patrice Roth

Danny Wood

Conor May

Spencer Chase

Christoffer Schunk

Conor May

Kim Kyne

Christoffer Schunk


Each person uses their teeth to till a path towards the one they love. A gardener uses this magnetism for another purpose. Gardener is God, friend, stranger, business, distraction, disease, ---

Director's Statement

Much of my work includes people that want to express themselves in an artistic form but do not. I combat people’s insecurities about their art-making abilities by creating platforms in which artistic training holds less value than it traditionally does. To lessen the demand for skills like acting, dancing, or performing dramatically, I’ll design tasks for the performers to complete naturally, as themselves. 

Half of the “actors” in this film had little to no training in the performing arts. I gave them the instruction to till the plot of land with their teeth. If they needed to spit, groan, or do anything else, it would be fine as long as it wasn't forced. No "acting" was allowed. As the shoot continued, I would throw in adjectives like "more aggressive", "louder", and "relax", and they began to act. 

The highlight for me was the positive response I got from the performers. “Why was that so satisfying?” – Nathan Nonhof (lead role). “Thank you for asking me to do this.” – John Flicker (supporting role – first time actor). The cast had a unique and fulfilling experience with each other. Art has always been satisfying for me, but to extend to those who haven’t yet experienced it or to bring a new experience to those already familiar with the arts, is a new level of satisfaction.

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